Suleymaniye Aid

Emergency Earthquake Appeal For Turkiye
Help us act fast to protect the lives of those that have been devastated.


On Monday 6th February 2023, two earthquakes of 7.8 and 7.5 magnitudes struck Southern Türkiye. It has claimed the lives of at least 30,000 people. A large winter storm hampered rescue efforts, dropping snow on the ruins, and bringing freezing temperatures.

Suleymaniye Aid is on the ground responding to the disaster in Türkiye. Time is of the crucial at this critical stage, we need your support to reach and save as many lives as possible. Please donate generously to our Emergency Earthquake Appeal For Turkiye and help save the lives of those affected by this tragedy.

We need Your support, help us act fast to protect the lives of those that have been devastated.

What is the current situation in the Earthquake zone?

Rescue professionals and civilians are having a very difficult time trying to conduct their search and rescue operations due to weather conditions which are not in their favour, including snow, rain, and freezing temperatures. Delivering help has also been delayed by damaged roadways.

Why are we providing container homes?

Because of this disaster, over 40,000 buildings have been damaged according to the Ministry of Environment, Urbanisation and Climate change in Turkiye. In this current climate in the Earthquake zones, over 150,000 have been made homeless. The container homes is a solution at this time for those who need to be relocated as soon as possible.

What is the cost and what is it used for?

Prices vary depending on the availability, equipment and size of the container homes. The container homes that will be used to home those affected by the earthquake start at £2500.

Who do we distribute it to?

We work with the authority and organisations whom will be building, delivering and maintaining the container homes.