Suleymaniye Aid

Emergency Winter Appeal
Support families who are struggling this Winter


Winter is now at our door! While we are sitting in our warm homes, in countries with cold climates, the temperature of the air can drop below -40s, which can make life difficult for them. As Suleymaniye Aid, we will take a step towards a first project this winter. Changing of the season can be very challenging for all of us especially for the vulnerable families. We will distribute coal for vulnerable and poor families identified by our field personnel in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, where the cold weather seriously affects people. We will be distributing them to families who are living at the far corner of the world and families will survive this winter without worrying about how they can warm their children. With your support, we have touched many lives and we will continue to do so. We accept donations of coal as 500kg and 1 tonne until the end of February.

Give Hope Donate Today

By donating to Suleymaniye aid winter appeal, you can help people across the globe and touch their lives. Many of us prepare ourselves by insulating our homes, buying winter clothes, or making sure that we have hot water. But Millions of people are deprived of such preparations. Now is the time to offer our help. You can choose the amount you want to donate by visiting our website.